The following categorization of companies reflects MPA's internal system of membership classification and should not be relied on for any other purpose. These categories reflect a member's primary business operation but could also include others.


Qualified Barrel Members


Anadarko Petroleum Corporation

BHP Billiton Petroleum (Deepwater) Inc.

BP America, Inc.

California Resources Long Beach, Inc.

Chevron Corporation

CITGO Petroleum Corporation

ExxonMobil Refining & Supply Company

Fieldwood Energy, LLC

Hess Corporation

Kosmos Energy Gulf of Mexico Operations, LLC

LLOG Exploration Company, L.L.C.

Marathon Petroleum Company LP

Motiva Enterprises, L.L.C.

Murphy Exploration & Production Company

Par Pacific Holdings, Inc.

Phillips 66 Company

Shell Oil Company

Talos Energy LLC


Minimum Dues Members – Cargo Owners


Aramco Services Company


Minimum Dues Members – Exploration & Production


Beacon West Energy Group, LLC

Beta Operating Company, LLC

BOE Exploration & Production, LLC

Carbon California Company

ConocoPhillips Company


E&B Natural Resources

Noble Energy, Inc.

Sentinel Peak Resources California, LLC


Minimum Dues Members – Mobile Transfer Units


Action Cleaning Corporation

AMMEX Tank International

Aqua Vac Services, Inc.

Black Gold Industries

Brenner Oil Company

California Marine Cleaning, Inc.

Clarus Fluid Intelligence

Clean Harbors Environmental Services, Inc.

Dion and Sons, Inc.

East Coast Repair and Fabrication

Environmental Logistics

Hawaiian Isles Petroleum, LLC

Huntington Ingalls – San Diego Shipyard (HII-SDS)

Integrated Marine Services, Inc.

Maui Oil Company

McEvoy Oil Company

Mesa Environmental Services, Inc.

Navtech Group INC.

O.C. Vacuum, Inc.

Ocean Blue Environmental Services Inc.

Oil Energy System, Inc

Pacific Tank Cleaning Services, LLC.

Pacific Trans Environmental Services, Inc.

Patriot Environmental Services, Inc.

Professional Tank Cleaning, Inc.

Quality Marine Resources, Inc.

Ramos Oil Company, Inc.

Southbay Industrial Services Inc.

Tethys Supply and Marketing, LLC

Valley Pacific Patroleum Services DNA Renner Patroleum



Minimum Dues Members – Rail Operators


BNSF Railway

Union Pacific Railroad



Minimum Dues Members – Storage Terminals/Tanks & Pipelines


AAK USA Richmond, Corp

Alon Asphalt Company

The Boeing Company

Buckeye Partners, L.P.

Colonial Pipeline Company

Empire Pipeline LLC

Frenchman’s Cove Condominium Owner’s Association Inc.

Hamakua Energy, LLC

International Terminals Company, LLC

Island Energy Services, LLC

Iwilei District Participating Parties, LLC

Mare Island Dry Dock, LLC.

Olein Recovery Corporation

Paramount Pipeline, LLC

Petro-Diamond Terminal Co.

Portland Pipe Line Corporation

Puget Sound Energy

Puma Energy Caribe LLC

Targa Terminals, LLC

TransMontaigne Partners LP

Woodside Energy Limited


Minimum Dues Members – Tank Vessels

     -Along with their affiliated companies


Aegean Shipping Management S.A.

AET Inc., Limited

     -AET Offshore Services, Inc.

     -Eaglestar Shipmanagement (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

     -Eaglestar Shipmanagement (S) Pte. Ltd.

     -MISC Berhad – Fleet Management Services

Alaska Tanker Company, LLC

Andriaki Shipping Co., Ltd.

Arab Maritime Petroleum Transport Company

Asahi Tanker Co., Ltd.

Aza Shipping Pvt. Ltd.

Boston Marine Transport, Inc.

Canship Ugland Limited

Chandris (Hellas) Inc.

Chronos Shipping Co. Ltd.

Crowley Marine Services, Inc.

     -Crowley Fuels, LLC

Crowley Petroleum Services, Inc.

     -Intrepid Ship Management, Inc.

Euronav Ship Management (Hellas) Ltd.

Foss Maritime Company

     -AmNav Maritime Services

     -Cook Inlet Tug and Barge (CITB)

     -Delta Western

     -Foss International, Inc.

     -Foss Marine Holdings, Inc.

     -Hawaii Petroleum, Inc.

     -Interocean American Shipping Corp. (IASC)

     -North Star Petroleum

     -Young Brothers, LLC

Gungen Maritime & Trading A.S.

Harley Marine Services, Inc.

     -Harley Marine New York

     -Millennium Maritime, Inc.

     -Olympic Tug & Barge, Inc.

     -Pacific Coast Maritime, Inc.

     -Public Service Marine

     -Starlight Marine Services, Inc.

     -Westoil Marine Services, Inc.

Hornbeck Offshore Operators, LLC

Hyundai Merchant Marine Co. Ltd.

     -Hyundai Ocean Service Co., Ltd.

Hyundai Ocean Service Co., Ltd.

ICS Petroleum Ltd.

     -West Coast Fuel Transport Ltd.

Ionic Shipping (Mgt) Inc.

J.A.M. Distributing Co.

     -J.M.S. Marine Services, LLC

James Fisher Shipping Services

Jankovich Company, The

JX Ocean Co., Ltd.

Keystone Shipping Co.

     -Chestnut Shipping Company

     -Chilbar Shipping Company

     -Fredericksburg Shipping Company

     -Intercoastal Bulk Carriers, Inc.

     -Keystates, Inc.

     -Keystone Barge Services, Inc.

     -Keystone Tankship Corporation

     -Margate Shipping Company

     -Serena Maritime, Ltd.

     -Serena Navigation Ltd.

     -Shipco 667, Inc.

     -Shipco 668, Inc.

     -Shipco 669, Inc.

     -Shipco 670, Inc.

     -Shipco 2295, Inc.

     -Shipco 2296, Inc.

     -Timbo Shipping, LTD.

Kirby Offshore Marine, LLC

     -16530 Peninsula Blvd., LLC          

     -Alamo Barge Lines, LLC

     -EBL Marine I LLC             

     -EBL Marine II LLC            

     -EBL Marine III LLC

     -Empty Barge Lines II, Inc.              

     -Empty Barge Lines III, Inc.             

     -Empty Barge Lines, Inc. 

     -Higman Barge Lines, Inc.

     -Higman Marine Services, Inc.       

     -Higman Marine, Inc.

     -Kirby Inland Marine, LP

     -Kirby Ocean Transport Co.

     -Kirby Offshore Marine Operating, LLC

     -Kirby Offshore Marine Pacific LLC

     -Kirby Offshore Marine Hawaii, LLC

     -Penn Maritime Inc.

Lightering LLC

LL Energy SA

Marine Express, Inc.

     -Seaway Towing Co., Inc.

Marinex Construction Inc.

Maritime Management LLC.

Maruta Industries Co. Ltd.

MMS Co. Ltd.

Moran Towing Corporation

Nereus Shipping S.A.

Norbulk Shipping UK Limited

OSG Ship Management, Inc.

     -Mykonos Tanker LLC

     -OSG 242 LLC

     -OSG 243 LLC

     -OSG 244 LLC

     -OSG 350 LLC

     -OSG 351 LLC

     -OSG Columbia LLC

     -OSG Courageous, LLC

     -OSG Endurance, LLC

     -OSG Horizon LLC

     -OSG Independence LLC

     -OSG Intrepid LLC

     -OSG Vision LLC

     -Overseas Anacortes LLC

     -Overseas Boston, LLC

     -Overseas Cascade, LLC

     -Overseas Chinook LLC

     -Overseas Gulf Coast LLC

     -Overeseas Houston LLC

     -Overseas Key West LLC

     -Overseas Long Beach LLC

     -Overseas Los Angeles LLC

     -Overseas Martinez LLC

     -Overseas New York LLC

     -Overseas Nikiski, LLC

     -Overseas Sun Coast LLC

     -Overseas Tampa, LLC

     -Overseas Texas City LLC

     -Santorini Tanker LLC

Ottavio Novella S.p.A.

Sause Bros. Ocean Towing Co., Inc.

     -Sause Bros. Inc.

Sea Pioneer Shipping Corporation

Springfield Shipping Co. Panama S.A.

     -Adventis Shipping S.A.

     -Ampoti Maritime Corp.

     -Ariva Shipmanagement Ltd.

     -Asteria Maritime S.A.

     -Caldera Shiptrade Corp.

     -Chelsea Shiptrade Co.

     -Daluz Naviaation Inc.

     -Dunge Navigation Corp.

     -Ingleside E.N.E

     -Kelso E.N.E.

     -Lakeport E.N.E.

     -Linden Shiptrade Co.

     -Maestro Marine Co.

     -Melodia Marine S.A.

     -Ninemia Ventures S.A.

     -Olympic Leader Inc.

     -Olympic Leopard E.N.E.

     -Olympic Light E.N.E.

     -Rosario E.N.E.

     -Samon Shipping Co.

     -Swell Marine Limited

     -Trips Marine Ltd.

Sun Enterprises Ltd.

Support Marine Group

Synergy Navis Marine Private Limited

Team Tankers Maritime Inc.

     -Teekay Shipping Limited

     -Teekay Marine (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

     -Teekay Marine Solutions Inc.

     -Teekay Shipping (Glasgow) Ltd

Tidewater Transportation & Terminals

     -Island Tug and Barge Ltd

Uni-Tankers A/S

Valles Steamship (Canada) Ltd.

Yasa Tanker Isletmeciligi A.S.

Zenith Gemi Isletmeciligo A.S.

Zodiac Maritime Agencies Ltd,



Minimum Dues Members – Non-tank vessels

     -Along with their affiliated companies


A.E. Nomikos Shipping Investments Ltd.

A.M. Nomikos Transworld Maritime Agencies S.A.

Akmar Shipping & Trading S.A.

Alaska Marine Highway System

Alaskan Leader Fisheries

Alassia Newships Management Inc.

Alios Bulkers Ltd.

Allseas Marine S.A.

Alpha Bulkers Shipmanagement Inc.

     -Amethyst Management Ltd.

Amazsa Hamburg GmbH

American Roll On Roll Off Carrier, LLC

Anglo-Eastern (Germany) GmbH

Apeejay Shipping Limited

Apex Ship Management Pte. Ltd.

     -Apex21 Ship Management Pte. Ltd

APL Maritime, LTD.

ARA Ship Management b.v.

Aries Marine Corporation

Arista Shipping S.A.

Ariston Navigation Corp.

Arklow Shipping

Arrow Launch Service, Inc.

     -Expeditions NW, Inc.

Asiatic Lloyd Shipmanagement LLP

Atlanship S.A.

         Atlantic Lloyd GmbH & Co. KG

         Atlantic Towing Ltd

Atlantis Gemi Isletmeciligi Denizcilik Ve Teknik Danismanlik A.S.

Augustea Technoservice Limited

Auriga/Aurora General Partnership

Aydin Deniz Isletmeciligi A.S.

B&N Fisheries Company

B&S Enterprise Co.,Ltd

Barro Colorado Shipping Co., S.A.

Baru Delta Maritime, Inc.

Beauty Bay of WA, LLC

Berge Bulk Maritime Pte. Ltd.

Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (Hong Kong) Limited Partnership

Black Ball Transport Inc.

Blue Marine Management Corp.

Blue North Fisheries, Inc.

Blue Origin Florida, LLC

Blue Planet Shipping Ltd.

Boden Denizcilik A.S.

Book Advisory Services, LTD

Bremer Bereederungsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG

Bright Charter Shipping Limited

Brusco Tug & Barge

BSW Projectco LLC

Byzantine Maritime Corporation

Campbell Shipping Co., Ltd.

Canadian Fishing Company, a Division of Jim Pattison Enterprises Ltd.

Cara Bella I LLC

Carbofin S.p.A.

Carisbrooke Shipping Ltd.

Carnival Cruise Line

Carson Maritime, LLC

Catalina Shipping S.A. (c/o Shoei Kisen Kaisha, Ltd.)

Century Bulk Carriers Management Co

Chang Myung Shipping Co., Ltd.

Chartworld Shipping Corporation

Chellaram Shipping HK, Ltd.

Chinese Maritime Transport Ltd.

Cido Shipping (Korea) Co., Ltd.

Cleanocean Shipmanagement, Inc.

Clipper Seafoods, Ltd.

     -Clipper Endeavor, LLC

     -Clipper Surprise, LLC

     -Ewing Street Fisheries

Coastal Star, Inc.

     -Icicle Seafoods, Inc.

Common Progress Co. NA SA

Compagnie Maritime Nantaise – MN

COSCO Shipping Seafarer Management Co., Ltd.

CPO Containerschiffreederei (GmbH & Co.) KG

Crowley Liner Services, Inc.

     -Crowley Puerto Rico Services, Inc.

Crowley Technical Services, LLC

     -Crowley Offshore Services, Inc.

     -Crowley Global Ship Management, Inc.

     -Crowley Government Services, Inc.

     -Crowley Technical Management, Inc.

     -Marine Transport Management, Inc.

CSL Maritime S.A. (Toyko Branch)

Cuma Shipmanagement Ltd.

Curtin Maritime, Corp.

Cypress Maritime (Panama) S.A. (c/o Shoei Kisen Kaisha, Ltd.)

Daiwa Kisen Co., Ltd.

Dalex Shipping Co. S.A.

Dalian Ocean Property Int’l Shipping Co., Ltd.

Dalnave Navigation Inc.

Dalomar Shipping S.A.

Dann Ocean Towing, Inc.

Dasin Shipping PTE, Ltd.

Dat Maritime Co. Ltd.

Delaware Bay & River Cooperative, Inc.

Denak Depoculuk ve Nakliyecilik Anonim Sirketi

Devbulk Gemi Isletmeciligi A.S.

Devmarin Denizcilik A.S.


Diamond Offshore Company

Dianik Bross Shipping Corporation S.A.

Dioryx Maritime Corp.

Ditas Deniz Isletmeciligi ve Tankerciligi A.S.

Dockendale Ship Management DMC Co.

Dohle (Private Marine Clients)

Dojima Maraine Co., Ltd.

Donjon Marine Co., Inc.

Dorick Navigation, S.A.

Dowa Line Panama, Inc.

Dynamic Yachting Ltd.

E. Nomikos Corporation

Eagle Ship Management LLC

Eastern Media International Corp.

EcoCarriers Maritime LTD

EEC Marine Holdings, Ltd.

Ehime Kaiun Co., Ltd.

Eiko Kisen Co., Ltd.

Elbeco Marine S A L

Elios Navigation S.A.

ENSCO Offshore Company

Equinox Maritime Ltd.

Er Denizcilik Sanayi Nakliyat ve Ticaret A.S.

Ernst Russ Maritime Management Gmbh & Co. KG

ES Shipping Co., Ltd

Eurobulk (Far East) Ltd. Inc.

Eurobulk Ltd.

Evalend Shipping Co., S.A.

Evergreen Marine Corp. (Taiwan) Ltd.

     -Evergreen Marine (UK) Limited

Exmar Shipmanagement NV

F.H. Bertling Reederei GmbH

Fafalios Shipping S. A.

Fair Field Shipping Co., Ltd.

Fairmont Shipping (Canada) Limited

Fairmont Shipping (HK) Ltd

Fairwind Shipmanagement Limited

Faith Marine Limited

Fiber Marine Ship Management & Trading Co.

Fidelity Shipping & Trading

Filharmony Shipmanagement Inc.

First Marine Service Co., Ltd.

First Steamship S.A.

Foremost Group

Fortune Ocean Ship Management Limited

Fraser Worldwide S.A.M.

Freese Shipping GmbH & Co. KG

Fugro USA Marine Inc.


Fukujin Kisen Co., Ltd.

Galliano Marine Service, LLC


GasLog LNG Services Ltd.

Gdynia Maritime University

Genshipping Corporation

Glacier Fish Co. LLC

GlacierSail Inc.

Global Marine Systems, Ltd.

Globus Shipmanagement Corp.

Glory Ships Ltd. s/b Glory Ship(s) Pte. Ltd.

Golden Flame Shipping S.A.

Golden Union Enterprises S.A.

Golden Union Maritime Operations S.A.

Golden Union Shipping Co. S.A.

Goldenport Marine (Cyprus) Ltd.

Goldenport Shipmanagement Ltd.

Greathorse Int'l Ship Management Co.,Ltd.

Green Management Sp Zoo

Grimaldi Deep Sea S.p.A.

     -Atlantic Container Line

     -Grimaldi Euromed S.p.A

     -Grimaldi Group SpA

GRS Rohden Shipping GmbH & Co. KG

GS Maritime Co., Ltd.

Guardian Ship Management Inc.

Hachiuma Steamship Co., Ltd.

Hakuyo Kisen Co., Ltd.

Hapag-Lloyd (America) Inc. as agents of HLAG

Hartmann Dry Cargo Germany GmbH & Co. KG

     -Hartmann Gas Carriers Germany GmbH & Co. KG

Heerema Marine Contractors Nederland SE

Helikon Shipping Enterprises Ltd.

Herm. Dauelsberg GmbH & Co. KG

Hiong Guan Navegacion Japan Co., Ltd.

Hisamoto Kisen Co.,Ltd.

Hokoku Marine Co., Ltd.

Holland America Line, N.V.

     -Holland America Line, N.V.

     -Princess Cruise Lines, Ltd.

     -Seabourn Cruise Line Limited

Horizon Survey Company (FZC)

Hsin Chien Marine Co., Ltd.

Hydroussa Navigation Ltd.

Ikaros Shipping & Brokerage Ltd

IMECS Co., Ltd.

IMM Shipping GmbH & Co. KG

Ince Denizcilik Ve Ticaret A.S.


Interocean Ship Management & Services Ltd.

Intership Navigation Co., Ltd.

Intresco LTD

Inui Global Logistics Co., Ltd.

Island Offshore Management A.S.

Jadroplov Ltd. International Maritime Transport

Japan agency of Maritime Education and Training for Seafarers

JSC Sakhalin Shipping Company

“K” Line RoRo Bulk Ship Management Co., Ltd.

K&K Schiffahrts GmbH & Co. KG

Kagoshima Senpaku Kaisha, Ltd

Kansai Steamship Co., Ltd.

Kassian Maritime Ltd.

Kasuga Shipping Co., Ltd.

Katsikis & Sigalas Ltd.

Kilgore Marine, LLC

     -Kilgore Marine Services, LLC

     -Kilgore Offshore, Inc.

Kim Susan, LLC

Kitaura Kaiun Co., Ltd.

Kmarin Ocean Services Corporation (KOSCO)

Kobe Shipmanagement Company Ltd

Korkyra Shipping d.o.o.

Kowa Marine Service Co., Ltd.

Kuang Ming Shipping Corp.

Kyla Shipping & Trading Co.

Kyoei Kauin Kaisha, Ltd.

Kyowa Sansho Co., Ltd.

La Darien Navegacion, S.A. (c/o Shoei Kisen Kaisha, Ltd.)

Langton Shipmanagement Ltd.

     -Langton Marine Limited

Laroo Enterprises LLC

Laurel Ship Management Pte. Ltd.

Leo Ocean S.A.

Liberty Maritime Corporation

LMZ Shipping S.A.

     -LMZ Shipping SA FZE

Los Halillos Shipping Co., S.A. (c/o Shoei Kisen Kaisha, Ltd.)

Louisiana Casino Cruises, Inc.

Luster Maritime S.A. (c/o Shoei Kisen Kaisha, Ltd.)

M/Maritime Corp

Maestro Shipmanagement Ltd.

Magenta Investments Limited

Manson Construction Co.

MarConsult Schiffahrt (GmbH & Co.) KG

Marfin Management S.A.M.

Marine Ace Co., Ltd.

Marinsa Denizcilik Anonim Sirketi

Matson Navigation Company, Inc.

     -Matson South Pacific, Ltd.

McAllister Towing and Transportation Co., Inc.

Meadway Shipping & Trading Inc.

     -Meadway Shipmanagement Inc.

Meiho Kaiun Co., Ltd.

Mingtai Navigation Co., Ltd.

Misuga Kaiun Co., Ltd.

     -Misuga Kaiun Holland B.V.

Misuga Philippines, Inc.

Mizuho Sangyo Co., Ltd.

MMSL Pte Ltd

Modern American Recycling Services

Montana Ship Management Inc.

MS "Tammo" Schiffahrtsgesellschaft mbH & Co.

Nautical Carriers Incorporated

Navarone S.A.

Navigation Maritime Bulgare

Navigator Gas Shipmanagement Ltd.

Neom Maritime (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

New Century Overseas Management, Inc.

Niovis Shipping Co S.A.

NLNG Ship Management Ltd.

Nordic Hamburg Shipmanagement GmbH & Co. KG

     -Nordic Hamburg Shipmanagement (HK) Ltd

North Star Fishing Company LLC

     -Arica Vessel, LLC

     -Cape Horn Vessel, LLC

     -Unimak Vessel, LLC

Northstar Ship Management Ltd

Norwegian Cruise Line

     -NCL America LLC

     -NCL (Bahamas) Ltd

NS United Kaiun Kaisha

O'Hara Corporation

Oak Maritime Canada , Inc.

Obsession Limited Partnership

Ocean Freighters Ltd.

Ocean Peace Inc.

     -FCA Holdings, Inc.

     -M/V Savage, Inc.

Ocean Services LLC.

Oceanstar Management Inc.

Oldendorff Carriers GmbH & Co. KG

Olympic Vision Maritime Company Inc

     -Bali Marine Limited

     -Giarde Shipping Corp.

     -Irdial Ventures Ltd.

     -Kaspien Management Inc.

     -Naftilos Shipping Ltd.

     -Saltwater Maritime Ltd.

     -Superior Navigation S.A.

     -Theros Chartering S.A.

     -Trata Management Inc.

     -Varkala Management Co.

Onego Rio BV MS “Onego Rio”

Openbridge Shipping LLC

Order Shipping Co., Ltd.

     -Expert Investments Inc.

     -Fortress Shipping Co.

     -Krone Shipholding Inc.

     -Nemesis Navigation Corp.

     -Picasso Shipping Co.

     -Saxony Marine Inc.

     -Seaway Enterprises Ltd.

     -Tilden Maritime Transport Inc.

Osaka Asahi Kaiun Co., Ltd.

Osaka Fleet Co., Ltd.

Oskar Wehr KG (GmbH & Co.)

P&F Marine Co., Ltd.

PACC Offshore Mexico S.A. de C.V.

Pakistan National Shipping Corporation, Karachi

Paraiso Shipping S.A. (c/o Shoei Kisen Kaisha, Ltd.)

Pasha Hawaii Holdings, LLC

Pasifik Gemi Isletmeciligi Ve Ticaret A.S.

Pasifik Lojistik Grubu Ve Denizcilik AS

Passat Schiffahrtsgesellschaft mbH & Co. 

PCO Marine LTD

Pearl Naval Denizcilik Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.S.

Pedregal Maritime S.A. (c/o Shoei Kisen Kaisha, Ltd.)

Pegasus Maritime Co., Ltd.

Peter Dohle Schiffahrts KG

Phelippe Barko Management, Inc.

Phil-Bright Ocean Ship Management, Inc.

Phoenix Company Limited

Phoenix Processor Limited Partnership

Polarcus DMCC

Polskie Patownictwo Okretowe sp. z.o.o

Poseidon Shipping Co. Ltd.

Power Engineering Construction Co.

Primebulk Shipmanagement Ltd.

Prosperity Steamship Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Lizhou Ship Management Services Co., Ltd.

Queen Marion Trust

Rainbow Maritime Co., Ltd.

Rambow Bereederungs GmbH & Co.KG

Reederei Hans Peterson & Sohne GmbH & Co. KG

Reederei O. Marten GmbH & Co., Ltd.

Reederei Horst Zeppenfeld GmbH & Co. KD


Reederei Rudolf Schepers GmbH & Co. KG MS “LEON”

Reederei Stefan Patjens GmbH & Co. KG

Reedereiverwaltung Heino Winter GmbH & Co KG

Reefership Marine Services Limited

Reitaku Kaiun Co., Ltd.

Rickmers Shipmanagement  GmbH & Cie. KG

Safe Bulkers Management Ltd

Safety Management Overseas S.A.

Saint Michael Shipping Co., Ltd.

Samoa Shipping Corporation Ltd

San Clemente Shipping S.A. (c/o Shoei Kisen Kaisha, Ltd.)

Sandigan Ship Services Inc.

Santoku Senpaku Co., Ltd

Sato Steamship Co., Ltd.

SAVA Marine Ltd.

Schiffahrtsgesellschaft Oltmann mbH & Co. KG

     -HanseContor Shipmanagement GmbH & Co. KG

Schiffahrtskontor Baltik GmbH & Co. K

SE Ship Management Pte Ltd.

Seacon Ships Management Co., Limited (Qingdao)

Sealand Trading Service Corporation c/o DONGWON INDUSTRIES CO., LTD

Seamar LLC

Seamar Management S.A.

Seamax Marine Inc.

Seaspan Ship Management Ltd.

Sejin Marine Co., Ltd.

Semih Sohtorik Management & Agency Inc.

Seoyang Shipping Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Ocean Shipping Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Salvage Company

Shih Wei Navigation Co., Ltd.

Shikishima Kisen K.K.

Shinko Kaiun Co., Ltd.

Shunzan Kaiun Co. Ltd.

Siem Offshore AS

Signature Seafoods Inc./ Alaska Vessel Number 509280

Silver Lake Shipping Co. S.A.

Sincere Industrial Corporation

Sincere Navigation Corporation

Sinokor Ship Management Co., Ltd.

SM Marine INC

SMT Shipping Poland sp z o. o.

     -SMT Cement Ltd. Sp. z o. o.

So Cal Ship Services

Sojitz Marine & Engineering Corporation

Soloi Inc.

SPS Maritime Ltd.

STAM Shipping S.A.

Stamco Ship Management Co. Ltd.

State Company for Maritime Transport (SCMT)

Stiching Greenpeace Council

Sunrise Vessel Operations, LLC

Synergy Marine PTE, Ltd.

Ta-Ho Maritime Corporation

Taiheiyo Kisen Kaisha, Ltd.

Taiyo Sangyo Trading & Marine Service, Ltd.

Tamai Steamship Co. Ltd.

Temm Maritime Corporation

Theomar Shipmanagement Corp.

Thor Dahl Shipmanagement AS

Thoresen & Co., (Bangkok) Ltd.

Tidewater Marine Western, Inc.

     -Tidewater Marine, L.L.C.

Toei Japan Ltd.

Toei Korea Ltd.

Toko Kaiun Kaisha Ltd.

Topaz Energy and Marine Ltd.

Toritec Co., Ltd.

Toshin Kisen Co., Ltd.

TOTE Services, LLC

Toyo Kaiun Co., Ltd.

Toyo Sangyo Co., Ltd.

Toyo Shipping Line, Co. Ltd.

Tradition Mariner, LLC.

Transmed Maritime Ltd.

Transmed Shipping Co. Ltd.

Transmed Shipping Ltd.

Transoceanic Cable Ship Co., LLC

Trident Seafoods Corporation

Trimaran Ship Management Ltd.

Trireme Vessel Management

Tropic Marine Ventures

Tsurumi Kisen Co., Ltd.

UCSD / SIO (University of California, San Diego/Scripps Institution)

Unico Logistics Co., Ltd.

Union Commercial Incorporated

Union Marine Enterprises S.A.

Union Marine Management PTE, Ltd.

United NY & NJ Sandy Hook Pilots Association

United States Seafoods, LLC

Unity Ships S.A.

University of Washington / School of Oceanography

USC Barnkrug GmbH & Co KG

     -Concord Shipping GmbH & Co KG

Usui Kaiun Co., Ltd.

Vega Reederei GmbH & Co. KG

Venturi Fleet Management S.A.

     -Cornwall Marine S.A.

     -Locomo Maritime Company

Versamarine LLC

Vineta Bereederungsgesellschaft mbH

Visemar di Navigazione Srl

Vrontados S.A.

W Marine Inc.

Wagenborg Shipping B.V.

     -Wagenborg Offshore Operations B.V.

Wallenius Marine AB

     -Wallenius Marine Singapore Pte Ltd.

Washington State Ferries

Waterworks Equipment, LLC

Wealth Ocean Ship Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

WECO Shipping

Wessels Reederei GmbH & Co., Ltd.

     Wessels Shipmanagement GmbH & Co. KG

White Sea Group

     -White  Sea Navigation

     -White Sea Sarl

Wilson Yacht Management USA

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

World Management Inc.

World Marine Co., Ltd.

Yang Ming Marine Transport Corp.

YA-SA Gemi Isletmeciligi Ve Ticaret A.S.


Z. & G. Halcoussis Co., Ltd.

Zeaborn Ship Management (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.


HFC Transitional Members


Aloha Petroleum LLC

Estoril Navigation LTD

Fairport Yacht Support

Hawaiian Electric Company, Inc.

Laborde Marine Management LLC

Pacific Energy South West Pacific LTD

P&R Watertaxi LLC

Sea World Management and Trading, Inc.

Winson Shipping (Taiwan) Co., LTD


SBC Transitional Member


Driltek, Inc.

Freeport-McRoRan Oil & Gas LLC

Pacific Operators Offshore LLC





Washington State Maritime Cooperative

MPEH Storage LLC


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